Working Mordor Homepage






   Since it is so hard to find pages for Mordor any more on the net, I figured I may as well just build my own to share with the world.


   - Wow. It has been a LONG time since I updated this site, which has been running now for over 13 years!! This site has been moved to its own sub-domain as Updated links to external sites.



   - I recently updated the OS on this system and it broke some of my web server confiuration files. I have now fixed the scripting errors. I would have done so sooner, but none of the visitors has emailed me about any problems. If you find errors/problems, please send an email to webmaster at this domain or mordor at this domain.



   - The images for the items (ripped from someone's DEMISE website) have been put in place. To help me (and you) find items, I have added an extra piece of programming to the bottom of the item description that looks at all the monsters in the monster file and gives you a list of the creatures that carry the item. In essence a free SEER! The monsters listed in bold type have that item specifically listed in its possible treasures. The other monsters can drop any item of that TYPE, and are found on the appropriate levels of the dungeon to drop the item you are looking at.



   - The items section is now only missing some images. I hope to have them up this weekend.



   - I have finally begun work on the ITEMS section. I have created a new script similar to the one I wrote to provide info on the monsters. The script can now dig out the data correctly, but I still need to format the output. For those of you who MUST have the info available, I have enabled the script to simply show the raw data.



   - I have updated the monster page once again to provide more information. I have also updated the editor version available for download (thanks to Thomas Linard for sending it to me).



   - All of the monster links have been updated to use the new script. I have completed the script to provide all of the information I previously had on the monster info pages, and will continue to add more info as stated above.



   - Instead of creating seperate pages for each monster, I have created a script to dig the info right out of the game's data file(s). Thanks to Slimey's website (link now dead) for providing the information I needed in his data files section!! I have updated the HUMANOID page to use this script if you would like to try it. After setting the rest of the pages to use it, I will add further info to the results, such as the chances of encounters and companion monster details.



   - Wow! I just did a search on the web and ran across quite a few sites with links to my mordor page. Makes me feel good, but also means that I have got to bust my butt working on this some more! I will update the links to refer back to some of those pages.

   - I have finished updating the Indigini monsters and only have a couple of Giants to go. I'm working from the bottom of my list up, so please be patient.