Boots of Stealth

Value: 4974310

Type: Boots

Alignments: G N E

Cursed: N

A/D Damage Modifier Hands Required Swings
9 / 3 1.6 0 0


Required 0 0 0 0 0 0
Modified 0 0 0 0 0 1



This item provides:

Guild Data
This item is class restricted and usable by
Level 32 Nomads
Level 44 Warriors
Level 44 Paladins
Level 56 Ninjas
Level 52 Villians
Level 52 Seekers
Level 48 Thieves
Level 52 Scavengers
Level 48 Mages
Level 56 Sorcerers
Level 52 Wizzards
Level 60 Healers



This item is found on level 7 or deeper, and is "Rare".

(Commonality value of 10)


This item can be dropped by:
Pixie, Sharper, Mengu-Ogre, Assassin, Blue Slime, Violet Fungus, Demon Prince, Kenymah, Flame Devil, Wisp, Phantasmal Mist, Genie, Coutal, White Dragon, Shadow Dragon, Ice Dragon, Spectral Dragon, Death Stalker, Giant Hornet, Corpser, Ghoul, Water Snake, Water Watcher, Great White, Fire Golemn, Giant King, Shadow Golem, Charon, Gorgon, Werewolf, Displacer, Gredlan Footpad, Hooded Thief, Brigand, Apparitionist, Illusion Master, Mind Twister, Bushido, Butcher, Swordsman, Defender, Warlord, Shadow Ninja, NaLanea, T'Mana, T'Kovant, T'Butu, T'Lanea,



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