Iron Bracers

Value: 145343

Type: Bracers

Alignments: G N E

Cursed: N

A/D Damage Modifier Hands Required Swings
3 / 3 1.2 0 0


Required 12 0 0 0 0 12
Modified 1 0 0 0 0 0



This item provides:

Guild Data
This item is class restricted and usable by
Level 10 Nomads
Level 13 Warriors
Level 13 Paladins
Level 17 Ninjas
Level 15 Villians
Level 15 Seekers
Level 14 Thieves
Level 15 Scavengers
Level 14 Mages
Level 17 Sorcerers
Level 15 Wizzards
Level 18 Healers



This item is found on level 2 or deeper, and is "Common".

(Commonality value of 40)


This item can be dropped by:
Large Orc, Goblin Lord, Dwarf, Dwarven Guard, Rock Elf, Lost Soul, Ruffian, Jestor, Witch, Coltpixie, Shadow Ogre, Vomitis Goo, Rust Monster, Horned Demon, Lynch Demon, Harpy, Pit Fiend, Shadow of Death, Imp, Fiend, Flame Devil, Asmodeus, Hennart, Wil 'O Wisp, Genie, Black Mist, Night Dragon, Pit Viper, Rattlesnake, Gythyek Lizard, Giant Snake, Black Grengi, Shadow Serpent, Coutal, Blue Pelagon, Gold Pelagon, Ice Dragon, Razor Boar, Spotted Tyke, Ergu, Carrion Crawler, Giant Boar, Yundrun, Stalker, Death Hawk, Mordun Pandrun, Silent Eagle, Golden Eagle, Drey Spider, Earwig, Munsae, Evil Spirit, Vampire Lord, Tiger Shark, Kyu Nardana, Lamurian Scout, Lamurian Soldier, Lamurian Mage, Lamurian High Priestess, Horda Giant, Morgul, Frost Giant, Stone Golemn, Fire Golemn, Ogre, Obsidian Golemn, Nastrum, Orange Gremlin, Mostrum, Morey Bilk, Blue Gremlin, Gorgon, Phoenix, Wererat, Malencor, Werebear, Displacer, Cutpurse, Robber, Gredlan Footpad, Pilferer, Brigand, Master Thief, Charmer, Sorcerer, Warlock, Demonist, Pinyl, Warrior, Soldier, Gladiator, Butcher, Ninja, Holy Warrior, Defender, Master Ninja, Hero, T'Mana,



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