Initiate's Hands

Value: 2512764

Type: Hands

Alignments: G E

Cursed: N

A/D Damage Modifier Hands Required Swings
3 / 0 1.2 2 2


Required 6 0 0 0 0 6
Modified 0 0 0 0 0 0



This item provides:

Guild Data
This item is class restricted and usable by
Level 17 Ninjas



This item is found on level 1 or deeper, and is "Common".

(Commonality value of 50)


This item can be dropped by:
Filcher, Diseased Muck, Grey Ooze, Kaelmeon, Lynch Demon, Shaelmeon, Daemon Lord, Veyasu, Dervish, Flame Devil, Wil 'O Wisp, Ye'ssus, Silver Dragon, Mundragon, Ice Dragon, Ergu, Giant Leech, Giant Boar, Vampire Bat, Frost Bear, Beechi, Earwig, Rot Grub, Zombie, Walking Corpse, Corpser, Reaper of Souls, Tiger Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Dark Shape, Great White, Destroyer of the Deep, Horda Giant, Shadow Golem, Cockatrice, Wererat, Pickpocket, Cutpurse, Gredlan Footpad, Red-Cloaked Thief, Rashart, Bushart, Ninja, Swordsman, Master Ninja, Shadow Ninja, Nakovant, Strangleweed, Nabutu,



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