Vorpal Blade

Value: 85677546

Type: Sword

Alignments: G N E

Cursed: N

A/D Damage Modifier Hands Required Swings
18 / 12 1.5 1 7


Required 16 16 16 0 0 21
Modified 0 0 0 0 0 1



This item provides:

Guild Data
This item is class restricted and usable by
Level 158 Nomads
Level 218 Warriors
Level 218 Paladins
Level 278 Ninjas
Level 258 Villians
Level 258 Seekers
Level 238 Thieves
Level 258 Scavengers



This item is found on level 13 or deeper, and is "Almost Never" found.

(Commonality value of 2)


This item can be dropped by:
Mengu-Ogre, Gargantuan, Assassin, Red Cloak Assassin, Rust Monster, Daemon Lord, Demon Prince, Coutal, Spectral Dragon, Golden Eagle, Death Stalker, Lich, Angel of Death, Lamurian Scout, Lamurian Soldier, Lamurian Guard, Lamurian Warrior, Lamurian Lord, Obsidian Golemn, Phoenix, Master of Shadows, Elven Lord, Master Swordsman, Warlord, T'Kovant,



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