Gauntlets of Fumbling

Value: 245344

Type: Gauntlet

Alignments: U

Cursed: Y

A/D Damage Modifier Hands Required Swings
-9 / -3 1.1 0 0


Required 0 0 0 0 0 0
Modified 0 0 0 0 0 0



This item provides:

Guild Data
This item is class restricted and usable by
Level 3 Nomads
Level 4 Warriors
Level 4 Paladins
Level 5 Villians
Level 5 Seekers
Level 5 Scavengers



This item is found on level 1 or deeper, and is "Rare".

(Commonality value of 15)


This item can be dropped by:
Skuldragl, Slave Driver, Troll, Elf, Dwarf, Dwarven Guard, Dwarven Lord, Sprite, Gumon, Lost Soul, Jestor, Gorguni, Coltpixie, Shadow Ogre, Red Cloak Assassin, Green Ooze, Aboleth, Jubilex, Dimeon, Daemon, Shadow of Death, Daemon Lord, Nan-Shuma, Screaming Devil, Hennart, Ice Mist, Phantasmal Mist, Giant Serpent, Pit Viper, Rattlesnake, Giant I'ssus, Gythyek Lizard, Black Grengi, Shadow Serpent, Slither, Firagon, Mundragon, Spectral Dragon, Dragon Queen, Sun Dragon, Razor Boar, Spotted Tyke, Giant Boar, Havannan Lion, Grey Pandrun, Giant Wolverine, Rabid Snook, Silver Bear, Yundrun, Brown Bear, Iron Bear, Death Stalker, Giant Beetle, Giant Ant, Giant Scorpion, Fire Centipede, Wolf Spider, Skeleton, Mummy, Walking Corpse, Spook, Evil Spirit, Drakul, Minion of Death, Lich, Vampire Lord, Kyu Hota, Lamurian Lord, Slave Masher, Geeshi, Fire Golemn, Lava Giant, Shadow Golem, Sistrum, Grostrum, Green Gremlin, Ancient Guardian, Wererat, Wereboar, Phase Beast, Werebear, Thug, Pickpocket, Cutpurse, Gredlan Footpad, Thief, Rowdy, Pinyl, Slayer, Barbarian, Butcher, Swordsman, Holy Warrior, Master Swordsman, T'Butu, T'Lanea,



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