Bronze Dagger

Value: 250

Type: Dagger

Alignments: U

Cursed: N

A/D Damage Modifier Hands Required Swings
3 / 0 1.0 1 1


Required 4 0 0 0 0 6
Modified 0 0 0 0 0 0



This item provides:

Guild Data
This item is not class restricted and usable by
Level 0 Nomads
Level 0 Warriors
Level 0 Paladins
Level 0 Ninjas
Level 0 Villians
Level 0 Seekers
Level 0 Thieves
Level 0 Scavengers
Level 0 Mages
Level 0 Sorcerers
Level 0 Wizzards
Level 0 Healers



This item is found on level 0 or deeper, and is "Very Common.

(Commonality value of 65)


This item can be dropped by:
GOBLIE, Kobold, Orc, Twisted Dwarf, Slave, Outcast Goblin, Disciple, Skuldragl, Morloch, Slaver, Troll, Elf, Gnoll, Numanog, Sprite, Dryad, Lost Soul, Weaponist, Ruffian, Witch, Gorguni, Gargantuan, Clean-Up, Green Ooze, Aboleth, Vomitis Goo, Diseased Muck, Slippery Mire, Blue Slime, Violet Fungus, Rust Monster, Horned Demon, Troll Demon, Astral Demon, Incubi, Shadow Demon, Daemon Lord, Demon Prince, Gargoyle, Screaming Devil, Dervish, Keenasu, Imp, Kei-Shuma, Greymah, Dust Devil, Kenymah, Fiend, Guardian, Shadow Devil, Air Elemental, Dunnart, Wisp, Wil 'O Wisp, Freezing Mist, Genie, Efreet, I'ssus, Bull Snake, Giant Serpent, Pit Viper, Pegan Lizard, Medusa, Asp, Que'ssus, Giant Snake, Coutal, Pseudo-Dragon, Firagon, Pelagon, Hydra, Flame Dragon, Silver Dragon, Black Pelagon, Gold Pelagon, Drey Dragon, Shadow Dragon, Ice Dragon, Spectral Dragon, Dragon Queen, Black Bear, Giant Owl, Giant Badger, Razor Boar, Cave Bear, Ergu, Giant Raven, Falcon Wolf, Carrion Crawler, Havannan Lion, Grey Pandrun, Brown Bear, Frost Bear, Black Yundrun, Silent Eagle, Iron Bear, Golden Eagle, Giant Spider, Fire Ant, Fire Centipede, Earwig, Zombie, Mummy, Warrior Spirit, Wraith, Walking Corpse, Ghost, Ransae, Drakul, Corpser, Ghoul, Vampire, Minion of Death, Lich, Angel of Death, Vampire Lord, Giant Frog, Kyu Yetro, Dungeon Pike, Black Eel, Kyu Hota, Tiger Shark, Water Snake, Kyu t'Salli, Lamurian, Lamurian Scout, Dragon Turtle, Great White, Lamurian Warrior, Lamurian Mage, Lamurian High Priestess, Slave Masher, Morgul, Meeshi, Fire Golemn, Emerald Golemn, Ogre, Obsidian Golemn, Nastrum, Centaur, Satyr, Orange Gremlin, Shape Shifter, Altering Beast, Trancor, Polymorph, Phase Beast, Displacer, Footpad, Gredlan Rogue, Scavenger, Thug, Pickpocket, Cutpurse, Burgler, Pilferer, Red-Cloaked Thief, Master Thief, Enchanter, Charmer, Element Mage, Spell Binder, Warlock, Illusionist, Wizard, Illusion Master, Mage, Magi Lord, Mind Twister, Rowdy, Soldier, Slayer, Bushart, Courrier, Barbarian, Champion, Bushido, Sentinal, Hero, Master Swordsman, Guardsman, Warlord, Gibbering Yethwa,



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