Mace of Kordul

Value: 544341

Type: Mace

Alignments: U

Cursed: Y

A/D Damage Modifier Hands Required Swings
-3 / 0 0.1 1 1


Required 10 0 0 10 0 10
Modified 0 0 0 0 0 0



This item provides:

Guild Data
This item is class restricted and usable by
Level 3 Nomads
Level 4 Warriors
Level 4 Paladins
Level 6 Ninjas
Level 5 Villians
Level 5 Seekers
Level 5 Thieves
Level 5 Scavengers
Level 5 Mages
Level 6 Sorcerers
Level 5 Wizzards
Level 6 Healers



This item is found on level 1 or deeper, and is "Rare".

(Commonality value of 10)


This item can be dropped by:
Orc, Disciple, Dryad, Pixie, Filcher, Siren, Witch, Gorguni, Shadow Ogre, Mengu-Ogre, Gargantuan, Clean-Up, Aboleth, Green Slime, Vomitis Goo, Violet Fungus, Troll Demon, Daemon Lord, Demon Prince, Veyasu, Nan-Shuma, Dervish, Dust Devil, Shadow Devil, Hennart, Ice Mist, Junnart, Genie, Efreet, Black Mist, Bull Snake, Que'ssus, Shadow Serpent, Slither, Pelagon, Hydra, Blue Pelagon, Gold Pelagon, Dragon King, Black Bear, Dungeon Bear, Scylla, Carrion Crawler, Giant Leech, Rabid Snook, Silver Bear, Black Wolf, Death Hawk, Mordun Pandrun, Black Yundrun, Silent Eagle, Iron Bear, Giant Spider, Giant Scorpion, Fire Ant, Giant Hornet, Earwig, Crystal Spider, Zombie, Hiksae, Walking Corpse, Drakul, Ghoul, Ice Demon, Tiger Shark, Water Snake, Lamurian Outcast, Kyu t'Salli, Destroyer of the Deep, Slave Masher, Cyclops, Earth Golemn, Lava Giant, Ogre, Shadow Golem, Charon, Centaur, Sistrum, Grostrum, Wererat, Trancor, Phase Beast, Thug, Pickpocket, Burgler, Brigand, Master of Shadows, Swashbuckler, Soldier, Rashart, Slayer, Bushart, Courrier, Bushido, Holy Warrior, Master Swordsman, Warlord, Gibbering Yethwa,



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